It's a Dangerous World
Out There!
Do you and your loved ones
have the tools to respond to whatever challenges you may encounter?

Whatever your age or background, learn self defense, situation solving skills and strong character habits through the ancient system of 


(The Way of the Tiger)

* Adult Remote/Online coaching and lessons also available. Call for details.

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of self improvement, defense and peace.


February Special

Free Uniform and Registration with first Months Tuition.

Expires Feb 29th



Kids 7-12

 Kids are resilient, inquisitive and fearless.  We help them develop those traits in a positive and productive way through movement, recognition and focus.


Teens are finding their identity and exploring their abilities and dreams.  We allow them to grow and learn, develop confidence in themselves and realize all they can become.


Weather you want to learn real world self defense, keep fit while having fun or have more balance and peace in your life, martial arts is for you.


76 N 100 E, Suite A9

American Fork, UT 84003

Tel: 801-477-7402

Contact Us: M-F 10a-7p

Dojo Hours: T, Th 4p-7p


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TORA-JUTSU (The Way of the Tiger)

is an ancient system of self defense, self awareness and self improvement that has followed a long and winding journey through peace, war, devastation, plenty, sadness, and joy. Over a thousand years of learning and sacrifice have made us who we are today. 

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